Recycling Collection

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Paper Recycling Plastic Recycling Battery Recycling

Junk Mail, Cardboard and Newspaper Recycling

Junk Mail, Newspapers and Magazines are recyclable and must be tied into bundles no more than 12 inches high or put into PAPER grocery bags. No plastic bags All cardboard boxes must be flattened and tied into bundles no longer that 4 feet.

INCLUDE: Telephone books, junk mail, school paper, clean scrap paper, gift boxes, cereal boxes Paper (Remove plastic liner), detergent, macaroni and shoe boxes (Remove plastic windows, if any, from the boxes), unsoiled newspapers, magazines, pennysavers, corrugated shipping and packing boxes.)

EXCLUDE:Tissues soiled paper, paper towels, milk, juice and egg cartons, all wax coated Paper cardboard, books, soiled cardboard food boxes, etc. Place these items with your regular garbage.

Commingled Plastic, Metal & Glass Recycling

Rinse plastic, glass and metal recyclables clean, put into any rigid container, or blue bin and place at the curb on days indicated by your recycling calendar. If you need a replacement for your blue bin, stickers are available from Town Hall, the recycling center and all libraries in the Town. These can be affixed to any garbage container of 32 gallons or less. Recyclables in plastic bags will not be collected. Call (631) 754-4990 for further information.

INCLUDE: Food and Beverage cans, plastic food & beverage containers, unsoiled disposable Plastic aluminum pans & aluminum foil, wine, beverage, liquor and juice bottles, food jars, shampoo and detergent bottles. All plastic food, soap & beverage containers with symbols accepted.

EXCLUDE: Plastic bags, plastic toys, hangers, aerosols, ceramic items, plastic wrap, oil cans, light bulbs, mirrors, plate glass, flowerpots & plant containers, durable cookware & tupperware, empty paint cans, items without a symbol.

Dispose of these items with your regular garbage. Styrofoam can be dropped off at our Recycling Center.

Plastic packaging fill can be recycled. Telephone 1-800-828-2214 for the location of the nearest package store or business which accepts plastic loose fill for reuse.

Recycling Batteries

Place spent batteries, (speciffically AAA through D Cells, button batteries and 6 to 9 volts; and any rechargable batteries from household electronic devices, toys or appliances * in your Battery Collection Bag and place it on top of your bottles, cans and plastics in your conmingled recycling recepacle on the indicated recycling day.
Please place the bag curbside(atop your commingled recyclables) only when it is full.
You can secure additional bags at your local Library, Town Hall or Town Recycling Center.

* Batteries that are accepted in this program include those easily removable from flashlights, radios, Walkman®, watches, calculators, tape recorders, pagers, cordless phones, cordless hand-held vacuums, camcorders, cameras, computers, hearing aids, cordless screwdrivers and drills, all electronic toys and smoke detectors.