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Yardwaste Appliances & Metal Bulk Items

Yardwaste Collection

Yard Waste Schedule
** In accordance with the Town Code, grass is not included in your curbside collection program. **

Leaves should be placed in bags or uncovered cans. Branches must be bundled and tied no longer than 2 x 2 x 4 feet. Yard waste will be collected only on scheduled weeks. Put out yardwaste the night Yard Waste before its scheduled pick up.

INCLUDE: Leaves, bundled branches, brush, plant trimmings and prunings, tree limbs less than 6 inches in diameter.

EXCLUDE: Grass, stumps, sod, lumber, dirt, rocks, root balls, limbs exceeding 6 inches in diameter. Bagged grass clippings can only be brought to the Recycling Center. Other material (excluding grass) may be brought to the Smithtown Landfill (Call (631) 269-6600).

Appliance and Metal Collection

You must call your carter to schedule a pick-up. Do not place appliance at the curb until the evening before your scheduled pickup day.

INCLUDE: Washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, lawn mowers, water heaters, etc.. State law Appliance and Metal Waste requires that refrigerator doors to be removed before disposal. Porcelain or ceramic fixtures must be taken to the landfill drop-off. Call (631) 269-6600.

EXCLUDE:Small metal items and appliances such as toasters, televisions, microwaves, electric fry pans, range hoods, tire rims and silverware can be dropped off at the Town Recycling Center. For the pickup of large appliances call your carter. Remember to reuse and always try to find others who can benefit from appliances you don't need anymore. Craigslist Long Island is a great resource for finding and givning away free items.

Bulk Collection

You may place at curbside up to 4 bulk items on your second garbage collection day of the week. Bulk Collection A bulk item is any object heavier than 50 lb.. or larger than 2 x 2 x 4 feet. ** Those in areas 17 & 19 must call (631) 351-3239 to schedule pick up of bulk items. **

INCLUDE: Sofas, mattresses, carpets*, rimless tires, railroad ties*, stockade fencing*, upholstered chairs and console T.V.'s.

* These items must be cut in 4 foot lengths, rolled, bundled and tied
and put out with the regular garbage.