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French Restaurants in Huntington, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 05:01 PM EST with 4 listings
Crepes, steak au poivre, pastries, ris de veau and fois gras are some French delicacies that are best to try at an authentically French restaurants.
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French Restaurants in Huntington, NY

French Restaurants (3 listings total)

Aix en Provence - Closed - Now Crew Kitchen & Bar

134 New York Ave. (110 no./25A), Huntington NY 11743

La Mascotte

Prixe fix complete dinners, rooms for private parties, monthly wine tasting dinners. )
3 Crooked Hill Rd., Commack NY Tel 631-499-6446

Village Creperie and Cafe

Serving crepes of all kinds (unti 3pm), savory as well as sweet. blintzes, coffees & frozen yogurt. Open for breakfast.
335 New York Ave. (110 so./25A), Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-423-3057
Website: villagecreperie.com

French Bistro-style (1 listings total)

Bistro Cassis

Authentic French food and great wine are the daily fare at Bistro Cassis
55 New York Avenue, Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-421-4122
Website: bistrocassis.com