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Huntington Town Government

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Huntington Town Government

Huntington Bay Village

244 Vineyard Rd., Huntington Bay NY 11743 Tel 631-427-2843
E-mail: info@huntingtonbay.org; Website: huntingtonbay.org

Lloyd Harbor Village

32 Middle Hollow Rd., Lloyd Habor NY 11743 Tel 631-549-8893
Fax: 631-549-8879; Website: lloydharbor.org

Town Hall, Huntington

100 Main St., Huntington Village NY 11743 Emergency Ev/Wknd/Hol 631-351-3074
Supervisor: 631-351-3030; Switchboard: 631-351-3014
E-mail: citizenservices@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Councilman Mark A. Cuthbertson

Mark Cuthbertson has voted to reduce and stabilize taxes in Huntington, working with the other members of the Town Board to place performance over partisanship and public service over politics, he is responsible for financial stability and economic development of Town
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3172
E-mail: mcuthbertson@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Councilman Stuart P. Besen

Councilman Besen has sponsored legislation to improve the environment, preserve open space, promote maritime safety, and revitalize the East Northport business corridor.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3172
E-mail: sbesen@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Councilman; Mark A. Capodanno

For more information Click Here
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3171
Fax: 631-673-3379; E-mail: mcapodanno@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Councilwoman Glenda A. Jackson

Glenda A. Jackson provide key leadership and advice on how we move forward with a comprehensive revitalization of town community
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3173
E-mail: gjackson@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Councilwoman Susan A. Berland

Susan Berland has quickly earned a reputation for community activism and working on constituent concerns: eliminating unsafe apartments, advocating for disabled residents, taking stand for senior citizens and more
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3173
E-mail: sberland@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Town Clerk

For more information Click Here
Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3206
Fax: 631-351-3205; E-mail: jraia@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Town Supervisor; Frank P. Petrone

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100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3030
Fax: 631-424-7856; E-mail: fpetrone@town.huntington.ny.us

Departments (38 listings total)


Maintain the Town Assessment Roll in an accurate and equitable manner
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3226
Fax: 631-425-0128; E-mail: assessor@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Audit & Control, Huntington

To provide financial management information to the Chief Fiscal Officer and the Town Board as well as to provide the legally required audit function.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Director 631-351-3038
Fax: 631-351-2898; Purchasing: 631-351-3177
E-mail: audit@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Building & Housing

A division of the Engineering Services Department
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-2822
Fax: 631-351-3132; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Code Enforcement, Huntington

Division of Department of Public Safety
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-2839
Tel: 631-351-2858; E-mail: publicsafety@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Community Development, Huntington

100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-427-6932

Community Resources, Huntington

100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3021

Conservation Board, Huntington

100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3078

Data Processing, Division of Audit & Control Dept.

This division is responsible for developing and supporting information technology infastructure such as e-mail, internet access, file and print sharing
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3166

Engineering, Huntington

Provides engineering services wherever needed in the Town as well as design and construction services for capital projects. Oversees the following divisions: Transportation & Traffic Safety, Building Dept., Fire Prevention, and Dix Hills Water District. Thomas A. Mazzola, P.E.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3053
Fax: 631-351-3212; E-mail: engservices@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Environmental Waste Management

For PDF viewable files (Adobe Acrobat) of the Town's carter schedule Click Here. For fast loading HTML version of carter schedule Click Here. For a map of carter districts Click Here, PDF or HTML For aditional refuse information from Citidexli Click Here
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3186
Fax: 631-351-3330; E-mail: environwaste@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

General Services

Responsible for repairs and alterations for all Town Departments and facilities including Town Hall, Village Green Complex, Parks, HART Bus, parking lots, historic cemeteries and street lighting, as well as mail, messenger and printing services. Thomas R. Cavanagh, Director
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3015
Fax: 631-351-3337; E-mail: generalservices@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Handicapped Services

Division of Human Services. Provides information and referral for handicapped persons who reside in the Town of Huntington. Issues free beach-parking stickers to residents with disabilities who have limited income. Arranges for surf wheelchairs that are available for individual use at selected Town of Huntington beaches. Sends application forms for and manages the Snow Berm Removal list. Publishes a twice-yearly informational newsletter.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3233
Fax: 631-351-3237; Parking: 631-351-3232
E-mail: lrichard@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Highway Department, East Northport Office

2nd St., East Northport NY 11731 Tel 631-499-0444

Highway Department, Elwood Main Office

30 Rofay Dr., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3076
Fax: 631-499-3512; E-mail: toh@tohhighway.com
Website: tohhighway.com

Highway Department, Oakwood Office

30 Rofay Dr., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-499-0444

Human Services

The mission of the Department and its divisions is to administer, develop, manage, coordinate and deliver the Town's "Human Services" programs in an effort to meet the needs area residents. Through its various divisions, Human Services offers programs, information, support and advocacy for Senior Citizens, Veterans, Persons with Disabilities and Women.
100 Main St., Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3021
Fax: 631-425-0746; E-mail: humanservices@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Information Technology

Department of Information Technology is established to better serve the needs of the Town in all areas of technology related to the administration, management and maintenance of all computer and communications hardware and software used to automate and augment all clerical, administrative and management tasks of the Town of Huntington.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3161
E-mail: infotech@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Maritime Services

The mission of the Department of Maritime Services is to maintain and manage all of the Town's waterfront facilities, such as the Town Beaches, Parks and Marinas; to manage and enforce all on-water activities in the Town, such as mooring, channel markers, and boating safety, and to oversee or manage all natural resource or environmental matters pertaining to the marine ecosystem, such as shellfish harvesting, wetland preservation, and water quality.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3192
Beach: 631-261-7574; Fax: 631-351-3373
E-mail: maritimeservices@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Minority Affairs

Division of the Human Services Department. The Office of Minority Affairs' purpose is to maintain a good working relationship with leaders of minority organizations and to establish good rapport between Town Departments and minority residents. To act as a liaison to the minority community to keep residents informed of town programs, employment, services, etc. To be responsible for maintaining and improving the relationship between residents and the town. And to advise Town officials of the concerns of the minority community.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3069
Fax: 631-425-0746; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Northport Village Hall

224 Main St., Northport Village NY 11768 Tel 631-261-7502
Fax: 516-261-7521; Website: villageofnorthport.com

Parks & Recreation

The mission of the Parks Department is to provide Town of Huntington residents with recreational facilities, programs and leisure time activities. Visit theTown of Huntington Online Library in January to find a pdf of the Winter 2005 Recreation Brochure.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3094
Fax: 631-351-3100; E-mail: parks@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Personnel Office

The Division of Personnel is charged with the responsibility of assisting the Supervisor, the Town Board and the Directors of the various departments in achieving and maintaining the approved levels of staffing with the most qualified employees.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3026
Fax: 631-351-3279; E-mail: lbaisley@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Planning & Environment

The Planning & Environment Department operates to further the goals of the Town Comprehensive Plan and to provide support for planning and land-use decisions that enhances the character of the community, preserves the quality of life and maintains the health safety and well-being of the people in the Town of Huntington. Town Online Property Information Utility
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3196
Tel: 631-351-3279; Fax: 631-351-3257
E-mail: planning@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety consists of three operating Divisions: Code Enforcement, Security, and Animal Control. The Department is responsible for the majority of the uniformed enforcement and security activities within the Town.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Fax 631-351-3169
Tel: 631-351-3266; E-mail: publicsafety@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Purchasing Division

The mission of the division of Purchasing is to assist the various operating departments within the Town to purchase those goods and services which enables them to carry out their various responsibilities. Processes purchase order requests as well as sealed bids.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3177
Fax: 631-351-2833; E-mail: gjennings@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Receiver of Taxes

The Office of the Receiver of Taxes is responsible for keeping the tax assessment roll and warrant delivered by the Suffolk County Legislature until the warrant expires and is delivered to the Suffolk County Treasurer. Other responsibilities include collection of taxes and assessments levied in the Town and upon any warrants received and performance of all other duties imposed by law.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3217
Fax: 631-351-2874; E-mail: ebivona@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Sanitation, Huntington

For the Town's carter schedule Click Here.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3223

Senior Citizens

The Senior Citizens Division is charged with delivering services, providing support and advocacy, acting as liaison and reporting concerns of the senior community to the Town Board and for providing events and programs at the Center and its satellites. Services include: the Senior Nutrition Center, the Senior Center and the Senior Citizen Beach House.
100 Main St., Huntington NY Tel 631-351-3253
Fax: 631-351-3221; E-mail: sharty@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Building Historian

The responsibilities of the Town Historian include supervision of historic houses, cemeteries and other historic places as well as preserving historic records in conjunction with the Town Clerk. The Town Historian is an educational resource on the Town's historic past and on Town Government as well as acting as Mustermaster of the Town Militia.
228 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3244
Fax: 631-351-3245; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

STAR Exemption Program

A Division of the Town Assessor's office responsible for Senior citizen property tax exemptions.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3306
E-mail: assessor@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Stormwater Management Program

Division of Maritime Services. Information how to keep pollutants out of our waterways and links to more information on what residents can do
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3192
Fax: 631-351-3373; E-mail: stormwater@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Superintendent of Highways

The Superintendent of Highways is responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation, and drainage of all Town Highways. This is accomplished through the annual Roadway Rehabilitation Program, on-going maintenance and pothole repair, snow and ice removal and control, drainage and flood control, and road sweeping
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3076
E-mail: wn@tohhighway.com; Website: tohhighway.com

Town Attorney

John J. Leo, the town attorney represents the town board and town officers as legal counsel in matters relating to their offical activities.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3042
Fax: 631-351-3032; E-mail: attorney@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk shall have custody of all records, books, and papers of the Town, attend all meetings of the Town Board, act as clerk thereof and keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting. The Town Clerk shall issue all licenses or permits required by law and collect all applicable fees. The Town Clerk is also the registrar of vital statistics.
Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3206
Fax: 631-351-3205; E-mail: jraia@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Town Clerk, Huntington

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for keeping all town records, issues licenses and permits including marriage, disabled parking, commuter parking, Bingo, shellfish, vehicles for hire, tow truck, peddlers and solicitors, refuse, automobile junk yard and more, is Registrar of Vital Statistics issuing birth and death certificates.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3206
Fax: 631-351-3205; When closed, call: 631-673-9477
E-mail: jraia@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Veterans Services

Division of Human Services. Bring information relative to benefits, health issues and current legislation of concern to veterans
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3320
Fax: 631-425-0746; E-mail: crocco@town.huntington.ny.us
Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Women's Services, Division of Human Services

The Office of Women's Services has organized the Huntington Women's Advisory Council to offer information to the women of Huntington and the surrounding area. Other services include the Women's Veterans Committee and the Women's Networking Program.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3291
E-mail: rshepardson@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us

Youth Bureau

The Huntington Youth Bureau is an agency of town government and is responsible for representing and serving the needs, interests and welfare of youth under the age of 21.
100 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-3061
Fax: 631-271-1360; Counseling: 631-549-8700
E-mail: youth@town.huntington.ny.us; Website: town.huntington.ny.us